Fata Morgana

by House Hunting

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100% of what comes to us* for this album will be donated to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe towards providing resources as they take a stand for clean water, indigenous rights and the preservation of our connection to nature.

House Hunting formed as an impermanent project to highlight the chemistry between the members before they followed their own journeys to Oregon, Berkeley and a free destination road trip come Fall of 2016. After being in SMUT the Band together; Steph, Nick and Fox came together again to revisit old songs and write a handful of experimental new tunes all marked with their uniquely powerful chemistry. After a few months of sporadic writing sessions, they went into the studio to record a 7 song LP in the beginning of November as both an end of an era send-off, and welcoming in to the next chapter of music, experiences, and house hunting. The songs feature bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals and were written and recorded to bring subtle attention to the intimacy of connection in music. With the intention of embracing the avant garde in this one-off project, the album reveals a look into the result of what happens when the filter of following what is known to "work" is removed.

The album, Fata Morgana, was named after a specific type of mirage. As this project happened only under certain conditions in a way that seemed impossible and then disappeared leaving only memory and moments captured, it seemed fitting. "A Fata Morgana is often rapidly changing. The mirage comprises several inverted (upside down) and erect (right side up) images that are stacked on top of one another. Fata Morgana mirages also show alternating compressed and stretched zones." When else can we have the title of an album be an Italian word for a complex optical phenomena?

The album was recorded (mostly) live in studio in 2 days.

*Bandcamp takes 15% of digital sales, so 85% of what you pay will go directly to Standing Rock. If you want to arrange for 100% of your donation to go to Standing Rock, feel free to contact us directly.


released November 17, 2016

Music written and performed by Fox Rhett, Nick Advincula, and Steph Morian.
Produced by Robin Applewood.

Fox Rhett- Vocals
Nick Advincula- Guitar and Bass
Steph Morian- Bass and Guitar



all rights reserved


House Hunting Berkeley, California

House Hunting was an impermanent acoustic-electric experimental/ alternative rock project featuring:

Steph Morian - bass/guitar

Nick Advincula- bass/guitar

Fox Rhett- vocals.
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Track Name: Forgotten
Angel have you heard me at night
Trying to hold you while you cry
You never really knew what you had
Couldn't quite understand

Silence has a room in your heart
Wrestling with a voice in the dark
Firing up your tongue
And you're smart
To take back your words when they spark
Lighting your way through the dark
I know you're lost but
Have you tried
Other than
Hating everything you are?

I took in your breath once
Now I can't exhale
Fingers tracing back
To your warm skins Braille
The moment before
Save your breath
And listen to yourself
Listen to yourself

Hold it in
Hold it in
And let it go

Nick: Caught in your bones, speak what you know, release the pain
Track Name: Bail Me Out
Felt it
I wanna feel it again
It died
Bring it back my friend

I'm slipping
pull the ropes
I wanna get better
Shove it down my throat

Have you heard they say
The cure for anger
Is a fistful of dirt
And a mouthful of stranger

Just a toy
But I thought about it
Keep coming home
And I can't forget it

Hands out
Nailed down
Did you really think you'd be alone
Hands out
Calm down
Did you think you'd find your
Way back home
You're gone now aren't you
Do you feel it

Hands out
Nailed down
Oh oh
Hands down
Bail me out
You're gone now do you feel it
Feel it
Track Name: Elegy
Underneath the river
I saw you standing cold
Underneath the water
I found what you didn't know

Underneath the skin crawling
I heard all you didn't say
Sleeping moss can't harm me
Cushioning my falling grace

Dancing in vertigo
Kissing currents
Drinking snow
Weighing me down

And sinking
In sound
I'm free now
I'm free now
I'm free now

You didn't want to know
You didn't want to know
You didn't want to know

So now you know
Track Name: Hurricanes
Never got far passed
Pained by your laugh
Eyes flooding red
Anyone knew
Clouding over
Everything you're
Meant to find

Spoken words can't stop it
Even though I
Chasing it
Speeding through
Caught between the words and mouth
I caught it
On my breath And
I blew it To you

Shaking in my skin
Your hand around my neck
Cutting off my will to speak
And tell you it's all in your head*

You created this
With one too many
Black holes
the last comet
by its tail

The stars in your eyes
Faded into Suns
Burning all you hold
in your sight

Breathing hurricanes
In your sleep
every night

I blew it to you
Track Name: Labyrinth
Spoon fed honey soaked pity
Knock you dead
but at least you'd look pretty
Fighting hard
To bring you to me pleading
Hush hush You'll never unhinge me
Hush hush you'll always be with me

Spitting fire and licking the burns
Oh I remember why it hurts
Baby girls got something up her sleeve
Pain killers and a way to flee the scene

Remember i taught you how to please
And I showed you how to scream
I know I brought you to your knees
Now I can't bare to see you leave

Beating on my breath
Sweating down my neck
Whisper in the ear
old locked up
Angel in my head
Twisting winding mend
Deep resolve

Lock me up and throw the key
Lock me up and I'll still bleed
Try to be the death of me
Angel with broken wings

Lock me up and throw the key
Lock me up and I'll still bleed
Try to be the death of me
Angel I broke your wings

Lock me up and throw the key
Lock me up and I'll still bleed
Try to be the death of me
Angel, my only wings

Lock me up and throw the key
Lock me up and I'll still bleed
Try to be the death of me
Angel, you're all that's left of me
Track Name: Lay it Down
Give your hopes up for the restless
Leave behind your empty trail
Stayed afloat but for the moment
Pieces shattered where they fell

Weary eyes avoiding chances
Occupied by where they'd been,
Some will fall and some are planted,
some left dead in shaking hands

(Nick and Fox):
Leave the rest to fall away
Leave the rest to fall away
Leave the rest to fall away
Leave the rest to fall

Fall away
Fall away
Lay it down

Spared some
more were wasted
Trying to find an out
Purpose long defeated
lost out to doubt

(Nick and Fox):
Leave the rest to fall away
Leave the rest to fall away
Leave the rest to fall away
Leave the rest to fall

Leave the rest to fall away
Running after yesterday
Nothing to left to say
Leave the rest to fall
Track Name: Black and Blue
For all the times I never said a word
For all the times I let my fire lick and burn
The heart that's beating inside me
Singeing away my security
For all the times I would have screamed to be heard
But instead I kept quiet
because I never did learn

Blinded by the flash of blue
On skin bruising black
Anger rising in you
And you're not holding back

There's something about your lips
that reminds me of the guns you've
told me have been between them
There's something inside your words
That lightning couldn't siphon

But the fear in your voice
Comes deep from everything
You've never let yourself feel
So give it to me
So you hand it to me

So you give it to me
So you hand it to me
So you throw it at me
So you stab at me

For all the times I never said a word